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CTE/ROP Teachers 2016-17


Teachers Subject Assignment(s)
Reynoso, Juan TV Production
May, Philip Wood Technology I/II, Building and Remodeling
Williams, Mitchell Architectural Drafting
Smith, Gwendolyn Food and Nutrition I/II, Restaurant Occupations
Horrington, Ferman Health Careers, Medical Terminology

CTE/ROP Courses

CTE/ROP Courses

  • Food and Nutrition I / Food and Nutrition II
  • Restaurant Occupations
  • Drafting Technology I / Drafting Technology II
  • Architectural Drafting
  • TV Production I / II
  • TV Production
  • Medical Terminology
  • Clothing I / Clothing II
  • Fashion and Clothing
  • Basic Business Entrepenuer
  • Wood Technology I / Wood Technology II
  • Building and Remodeling
  • Basic Business Operations
  • Computer Applications
  • Work Experience Education