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English Department

The Compton High School English Language Arts courses are designed to prepare students in multiple areas of English Language Development. Courses range from Beginning English Language Development (ELD) to Advanced Placement Composition and Literature.  All of these courses are aligned with California State ELA course standards.  There are four genres which each course considers primary areas of focus: Vocabulary Development and Fluency,

Reading Comprehension, Writing (both grammar and applications), and Literary Response and Analysis. Success  in each of these areas is essential so that students will be successful on the CST yearly exams, the California High School Exit Exam, CUSD Benchmark and Quarterly Exams, the SAT and ACT college entrance exams, and the Advanced Placement Exams.

English Teachers 2016-17
Contact Anjelica Adams  Anjelica Adams (310) 635-3881 ex: 672-43 Teacher - AP English / Engenuity
Contact Luigi Ebrahimi  Luigi Ebrahimi (310) 635-3881 ex: 68048 RMS Teacher - English I
Contact Luisa Espino, L  Luisa Espino, L (310) 635-3881 ex: 675-78 Teacher - English I
Contact Mary Fairchild  Mary Fairchild (310) 635-3881 ex: 67242 Teacher - English II; Beg./Adv. ELD
Contact Tommy Horne  Tommy Horne (310) 635-3881 ex: 672-54 Teacher - English III; English ERWC
Contact Mrs. Jackson  Mrs. Jackson (310) 635-3881 ex: 67579 Teacher - English I
Contact Cherie McDaniel  Cherie McDaniel (310) 635-3881 ex: 67244 Teacher - A P English; English III; English ERWC
Contact Antoinette McKnight  Antoinette McKnight (310) 635-3881 ex: 67208 Teacher - English I; English II; Rdng. Intervention
Contact William Ney, W  William Ney, W (310) 635-3881 ex: 672-50 Teacher - AP English Lit.; AP Art History; English II; AVID
Contact Victor Tellez  Victor Tellez (562) 508-9305 ex: 67255 Teacher - Beg./Int. ELD
Contact Burdena Terry  Burdena Terry (310) 635-3881 ex: 672-51 Teacher/English Department Chair - AP English Lang.; English II
Contact Andrea Utzman  Andrea Utzman (310) 635-3881 ex: 675-70 Teacher -English II; English IV
Contact Wanda White, W  Wanda White, W (310) 635-3881 ex: 675-07 Teacher - Rdng. Intervention; Leadership
Contact Njemila Williams, N  Njemila Williams, N (310) 635-3881 ex: 672-45 Teacher - English III

ELA Courses, Electives and Interventions

Core ELA Courses:

  • ELA I 
  • ELA II
  • ELA IV
  • ELD: Beginning ELD; Intermediate ELD; Advanced ELD

ELA AP Courses:

  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition

ELA Electives:


ELA Intervention:


  • Reading - Read 180
  • Achieve 3000