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Graduation Requirements

The School District Board of Education requires that all students participating in the graduation ceremony must first have completed all prerequisites for graduation.  It is understood that satisfactory citizenship is part of the graduation requirements.

High School Graduation Course and Credit Requirement


Course Subject Content

Credit Requirement

English Language Arts Both Reading and Writing components including English Language Development and English 40 credits
Mathematics Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra/Algebra I, Geometry, Advance Algebra/Algebra II, other elective Mathematics 30 credits
Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science I & II, Earth Science, Oceanography, Geology, Microbiology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science 20 credits
History/Social Science US History, World History/Civilization, American Government, Economics 30 credits
Physical Education PE, Dance, Marching Band, Cadet Corps, Sports/Athletics - must include wellness curriculum for 9th Grade 20 credits
Visual and Performing Arts / Foreign Language Dance, Drama/Theater, Music, Visual Art/Spanish, French, Sign Language 10 credits
Computer Literacy Can be fulfilled with other computer technology classes 5 credits
Health Education   5 credits
Electives Can include ROP and other core area classes, Community Services (minimum 45 hours) and Senior Research Portfolio/Project 60 credits
CAHSEE Must PASS both English Language Arts and Mathematics N/A
Total    220 credits

A-G Requirements