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Cherie McDaniel

Course Description

English III:

This class is to cover American Literature as it has developed. We will study the History of the United States through its literature looking at the development and changing ideas and face of the nation through the literature. We will see how wars and cultures and thoughts are expressed in the literature. In the course the students will study literature by looking at it via "periods" they will analyze the literature philosphically, critically and historically. They will see how literature can express what the nation was dealing/facing at the time.  Students will read various documents from short stories to plays. They will be taught to look at common themes and ideas that can be found in the selections.

The other aspect of this class is Grammar skills. I will cover the usage and mechanics of grammar that will help them (students) pass tests that are issued to them.


They will complete 4 book reports by the end of the year. They will also present several speeches & presentations throughout the course of the year. they will also complete several projects that will conclude various units in the class.  Second semester students will be given weekly vocabulary words accompanied with a test. 

Current Assignments
Muy Importante People
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